For Want of a Nail: Writing and editing the details

For Want of a Nail

Writing and editing the details



Wondering if you're in the right place? Well, if you:

  • are browsing online for an editor, someone careful, encouraging, exacting, and professional;
  • are hoping to find a talented writer for fresh blog material, ezine articles, or newspaper pieces;
  • are hunting for a ghostwriter for this fantastic story idea you've got percolating;

then welcome. You've arrived. It's nice to meet you; my name's Kay.


Let me tell you a bit about myself, shall I? I'm a freelance writer and editor with a B. A. in English Literature and eleven years of experience in the field, and I've done my share of writing and editing work: biographies, novels, memoirs, medical papers, dissertations, work with Chicago, MLA, and AP style guides (even some Turabian thrown in for good measure), poetry compilations, academic papers, ghostwriting, and more. I've led critique groups, held one-on-one consultations for pieces due in three hours, and run developmental editing sessions. I've got two years of experience working for a college public relations office, writing special interest pieces, conducting interviews, and copyediting for the office at large. I've tackled editing for writers whose first language is something other than English.


What does this mean for you, the potential client? To wit: experienced writing and editing, and at prices often far below the going rate.


Take a look at the Rates and Services page to get an idea of what I do and what I charge for it. My "How it Works" page gives you a run-down of what a basic business deal with me looks like, and my Resume and Samples are available for your perusal as well, so you can have some idea of what you're getting. On the References page, you'll see what others have to say about my work and what it's like to work with me. (The FAQ section, one hopes, is self-explanatory: likewise Contact Me.)



To all and sundry: Thanks for visiting, and here's to seeing you again soon.












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